Tuesday, April 29, 2008


Well comparing and contrasting kiss me deadly and chinatown, i thought that chinatown had more of a twist added to the noir describtion as did kiss me deadly, although they were different they still stayed to the rules. In Chinatown the detective was pretty successful, due to the viewing of his office we can tell and how in the barbershop scene they were talking about him being a "superstar" and how famous he is and what not where as in regular film noir's the detective is barely making it through if you'd like to say. In Kiss me deadly you could say the detective was rich due to his house and how he made his money was similar to the detective in Chinatown. They both contained the famous vineciean blinds and the femme fatale women who end up being bad even though in Chinatown our mistress lady end up completely innocent which is why the twist is added. Both main characters had made the way the ending had happened. I mean come on going back to chinatown after what happened last time, you should completely stay away from it and that's why the lady got killed i mean it's all his fault....and the nuclear waste that explodes. i don't even know how to begin with that because personally i find it a little ridiculous but that is just me. But the detective did lead everyone to finding the nuclear box which will wipe out all civilization and its all his fault. great. And both of the stories include the hard boiled detective to be able to access every level of society and what not. I mean in chinatown he goes from helping the average person getting money from their spouse to trying to figure out this story that connects to billionaires who is easily found by our detective. And in Kiss me deadly he seems to find everyone possible that needs to be found. From the supposed "roommate" to the doctor who has the key to the LOCKER of DOOM! oh and then the thing that was really different about chinatown was that the girl was innocent and not evil and that it was in color which is very strange in the genre of Film Noir. any way you get the point...Overall i found Chinatown to be more interesting and easier to keep with just because the story was super good and kept you on the edge of your seat (as did kiss me deadly with who was the girl's murderer and why she had to be remembered)but Chinatown had an ending that was fulfilling to my heart and standards, which makes it a better movie...kudos to the ending!! :]]